Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Plein Air -day 16 capturing ideas

Sometimes while walking or driving through my neighborhood, I see things that spark an idea for a painting. They don't need to be well composed or have terrific lighting. They just sit there quietly waiting for me to paint them.

These glimpses of real life hold a spark of mystery, a hint of a story. They turn my thought away from what I am doing at the time.(this can be dangerous if I am driving) and feed my imagination.

Most of the time, however, I don't act on these opportunities. I keep driving or walking by and the the image and idea fades from my mind.
This time, however, I stopped and got out of my truck. I was going to try and paint the idea. I am learning that not every plein air attempt has to be a "finished painting" (one that is able to be sold.) Sometimes it is just as important to act on impulse and approach painting as a sketch of the attraction. Painting on impulse - what a concept!

The Mystery of Hanging Laundry
oil on masonite

The idea still holds my interest. That is a good sign. There may be a studio painting that develops out of this sketch. How many interesting or mysterious attractions do we miss each day? Something to think about.

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