Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Daily Painting Plein Air Practice - Day 21 - Old Garage

This old garage caught my eye the other day. Simple I thought...then I tried to paint it. Look at the shape of the shadow. (This is actually later in the painting process)
Look at the shadow in this photo taken earlier. The shape is changing before my eyes. One of the most difficult things I find about composition in Plein air painting is the changing light conditions. Everything about the light changes minute by minute. Intensity, position, reflections, shadow shapes, even the hue changes. With all of that going on however, it also offers an opportunity.

click on the image to enlarge the picture

Yellow Garage
oil on canvas board

The opportunity is for the artist to add something personal. Since it is impossible to copy the changing scene directly, I find myself improvising. That is the very thing I like to look at in other artists work. Their improvising or personal touch.


Robin Weiss said...

Enjoyed browsing your blog today Peter. Your plein air work is beautiful and soothing to the eye.This little yellow garage invites one to grab a rake from inside and rake up a pile of fall leaves to jump in.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I recently got aquainted with the rapidly changing shadow phenomenon. It's a challenge, and you handled it beautifully.

Mike said...

Pulling together the compostition around shadows is extremely tuff if we try to follow it. You are absolutely right about the artist's personal touch, Peter! And you certainly have yours!

Keep up the great work!