Friday, October 26, 2007

Daily Painting Plein Air Practice - Day 24 - The Sunny Side of the Street

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The Sunny Side of the Street
oil on canvas

There is a lot of new construction and re-building in Omaha's downtown and mid-town areas. Parts of old Omaha will be gone in a few years replaced with new condos and apartment buildings. This is not a bad thing, some of the locations need a face lift. However, there is a quality to the old or rundown that should be celebrated for lasting so long.

I was freezing in the morning looking for someplace to paint. I am not properly outfitted for cold mornings yet. I waited for the afternoon sun to warm up the day and traveled downtown to find this gem of a building. It might be a more interesting subject if I were there at night. Something to come back to maybe.

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