Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Plein air Day 19 - Joe's Cafe

Every town in America must have a Joe's Cafe. This one is only a few blocks from my home. It is everything you think it would be. I think these small cafe/family restaurants help make a community a neighborhood. I like them much better than the fast food chain stores. This little group of stores add so much more character to the area. Next door to this restaurant is a small modern art gallery and a record store. Yes a record store It sells only used albums. For people under the age of 30 those are like 12" CD's that need a needle and a phonograph to listen with.
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Joe's Cafe
oil on canvas board

I brought this home and added the detail in the studio. I could not figure out how to do such tiny lettering. I finally sharpened a pencil and dipped it into the paint.

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Mike said...

I wonder what this would look like near dusk as the lights are coming on.

Also, I wish we had neighborhoods like this in California still! Seems we have lost our history here.