Thursday, November 29, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Sun Rain Down on Me

I haven't done a figurative for a few days. I am finding that the outdoor work actually helps me with the colors and the brushwork on my figures as well as my other studio pieces.
I once read an artist interviewed in a magazine, he was asked what he learned when he studied Andrew Wyeth's people. The artist replied, he found he was always drawn into the thoughts of the people Wyeth painted, when they were facing away from the viewer. I find that a fascinating observation. And I think it is true with Wyeth. But I find it strange, because I feel the opposite with Rembrandt's people. I am pulled into a Rembrandt face when they look at me.
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Sun Rain down on Me
oil on canvas

I love that expression. "Sun rain Down on Me" Is it a prayer for help or a shout out in gratitude? With the man casting his eyes away from the viewer it asks the question and makes you look for clues. It makes the viewer study the painting longer. (and we all want people looking longer at our work...don't we?)

Every artist owes a debt to every other artist who came before them. I owe so much to so many and I continue to find new inspiration and ideas from many I find on the web. One reason I like the blogging so much is the sharing that is made possible. Even across the globe.

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Sheila Vaughan said...

I like the feeling with this one. It is quite highly charged and yet a simple approach. A very nice painting Peter.