Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Three Red Chairs

Thanks to all that responded to my question about the email subscription images. The problem must be with my computer.

I have a habit of using very few brushes when I paint and usually brushes that are too small. Lately I have started using larger brushes. Yesterday's painting was done entirely with a No. 8 round. For this one I used the No.8 round and two flats about the same size.
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Three Red Chairs
oil on canvas board

I heard a great expression the other day and I think it applies to how I approach my painting. "Celebrate the Common". I love to walk through my neighborhood and search for those common scenes and subjects that we all glance at everyday but never have a reason to stop and observe. Here is a scene that made me stop and turn around. The three garbage cans with the three red chairs lined up facing the door. They look to me like they want to go inside, and are just waiting for someone to open the door.


Cara said...

Peter I love this painting...

Peter Yesis said...

Thanks Cara- Those are the best comments to get

Anonymous said...

This red chairs vintage style chairs are very evocative of the past! I love it.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

poignant. it so reminds me of the chairs my grandparents had when i was a child. beautiful... ~nita~