Saturday, December 22, 2007

Daily Painting Practice -White Onions

This is a a soupy painting in more than one way. Usually I like to paint with a thicker paint, one that is not so slippery or creamy. But I also like to have fun with these daily practice paintings so I loaded the brush with Liquin and let her drip.
I liked how the reflections dance in the dark brown of the crock.
click on the image to enlarge the painting

White Onions
oil on masonite

I was thinking of doing a Christmas theme painting but then decided that these onions and crock warmed my insides more. I kept thinking of a nice hot bowl of French Onion Soup. You know the kind with really dripping melted Swiss cheese. Now I'm hungry. I may not post again before Christmas so to all of you... Have a Very Merry!!!!!


indiaartist said...

Even the second picture in this post, the one with unfinished background looks great. Of course the reflections on the pot are nice. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas Peter, hope 2008 brings you much joy and sucess with your painting. xx

Cara said...

This is wonderful - I love the texture - Merry Christmas

Jason Waskey said...

I agree with the others-- this is a great piece! Wonderful gestural brush work, and good observational skills combine very well.