Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Daily Painting Practice - Early Snow in Benson

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Early Snow in Benson
oil on canvas board

A new year begins. I have done my soul searching, completed my lists, and now it is time to get back to work. As you may have noticed, I took a little time at the end of December to think and set my goals for 2008. I don't like to look back at last year's goals. (I never lose the weight or begin the exercise I planned). That never stops me from dreaming forward.

My first goal is to have 25 studio pieces complete by my birthday (March 16). Why not set the bar high? That is a tough goal to meet but I do my best work when I put myself under pressure. I have already sketched out about 15 of these. They range in size from 9"x12" to 30"x42" and that includes finishing the cat painting I posted last week. I also have ideas for the other 10, I just need to work on the compositions . So I am on my way.

It is not just the number of paintings I am interested in this year. I really want my art to express more feeling and be the highest quality I am capable of. I had a thought that I will write down and hang on the easel.

Every painting should be considered a gift from the heart. Even if the painting is to be purchased, it should still be planned and painted with all of the emotion and care that any gift to a dear friend deserves. That may sound full of mush but it struck a chord with me.

Oh , and I still want to lose weight and exercise more.

Happy New Year!


Cheryl Pass said...

This one is really wonderful, Peter. I feel like I could just walk right down that street in the gray cold and feel the crunch of snow on my boots. :-)

Miki Willa said...

Thank you for the reminder that every painting should start with the thought that it is a gift from the heart.

Mike said...

Hi Peter! Here's to a terrific year in 2008. I did much the same as you in setting out goals for 2008. Your way of expressing quality as if it were a gift to a good friend is a grrrreat way to put it. I think I may borrow that! I'll be cheering you on !

All the best to you and family!

Making A Mark said...

Very evocative - and this really draws the eye in

Peter Yesis said...

Thanks Cheryl - it does feel a bit cold. I should have called it A Hot Chocolate Day.

Miki and Mike - That idea seemed to be important to hold onto. Thanks for picking up on it.

Katherine- Thanks for the critique. Evocative?? I like that!