Friday, January 04, 2008

daily Painting Practice- Grapes in a Gold Bowl

I thought I had finished this painting. I signed it and even started writing the blog post but the picture kept making noise every time I looked at it. It was speaking to, it was more like yelling at me. " I'm not finished yet....Don't leave me like this!" I often have paintings yelling at that a normal thing? Do you ever hear those voices too? Or should I seek professional help?
Since I was at the computer I decided to play with the background using the computer's photo editing program. I have never tried this approach of before for working on painting problems. I tried darkening the background and it looked a little better so back to the studio I went.
click on the image to enlarge the painting

Grapes in a Gold Bowl
oil on canvas board

I used a large flat brush and some Indian Yellow to start on the background. I doodled with some other areas and in five minutes I had the painting yelling at me again...." Enough , Enough. I'm finished already!"


Kevo said...

Well done Peter -your talking painting gave good advice. You could do a painting of a psychiatrist and save money on the professional help! Happy new year to you -I haven't dropped by for a while but I'm really enjoying your work. Kevin

Barbara Pask said...

Love this. The composition is great and I do like the new background color better. I know what you mean, I just came out of my studio and reworked several paintings.

Cara said...

When I first started reading this post I thought the painting was perfect the way it was - but you were right -

Mary J DuVal said...

I'm glad someone else admits to paintings that won't leave them alone! Isn't it fun to Photo Shop and try out different things? I find it can be a great way to play with different ideas without touching your original. Sometimes it's just a matter of curiosity as to whether a painting might benefit from more contrast or warmer colors. Your warming and darkening of the background pulled this one together so nicely.

Mike said...

Peter if you go for professional help that'll mean the rest of us will have to, also! Pullllleeeeeze don't do that! ;-)

Good work, Bud!


Peter Yesis said...

Thanks everyone for some great comments and the encouraging words..

Darren Maurer said...

Good move on the background. That made a big difference. I thought everyone's paintings screamed at them??