Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Daily Painting Practice- Three Pears

I haven't used my shadow box in a while so I took it out and dusted it off for this composition. I know I have never done 3 pears before so this is a first.
I started painting on a cool green pre-toned board and applied a thin transparent mix of Burnt Sienna and a purple I forgot the name of. I used plenty of Liquin with a little turps to keep it wet and transparent. Then I started wiping off the paint to pick up the lights. I needed to smooth the background so I used a really wide brush.
I went back to wiping and cleaned up the lights again then added some darks. I think the wiping off technique always has a beautiful feel to it.
Thought the background need to be much darker so I painted the darks the same way as before...big brush. wipe out lights then, I put in the opaque color, trying to leave the shadow areas and darks transparent. I didn't have the greatest success... but I tried.
click on the image to enlarge the painting

Three Pears
oil on canvas board

Not a bad little practice piece. Those pears are nearly over ripe and need to be eaten or I'll be painting a picture with rotten pears. This was so much fun, I may do a few more compositions with them before they get digested.


indiaartist said...

It is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your technique, beautiful highlights.

Stacey Peterson said...

I love this - you really captured the texture/character of their skin. They look like they're ready to pick up off the shelf and eat!

Cara said...

Beautiful -