Friday, February 29, 2008

Peter Yesis - Daily Painting Practice- Studio Tour

Leap year is an odd occurrence so I thought a good way to celebrate Leap Year was to do something different on the blog... like take a tour of my basement studio. For those who have followed this blog from the beginning ( probably three people of the two hundred who visit the blog daily) you remember my old studio was up stairs. Things have changed. This photo shows the back wall of the basement studio filled with props and some still life arrangements I am experimenting with.
Here is one of the best things in my basement studio. My wife / studio organizer set up this storage space for my paintings and canvases.
How many art magazines do you have? I have piles and piles. I have recently cut my magazine collection down to only American Art Collector, International Artists, and American Art Review , with a few Southwest Arts thrown in for good measure. On the right is a shelf that holds a box with the daily paintings that have not sold and various canvas panels neatly stacked. (The neat part is from my wife... I come from a long line of clutter stackers so neat is a foreign word to me.)
Every studio needs a library and a Lazyboy chair. I think I have more Norman Rockwell books than anything else. Books on or about Wyeth are second, then Rembrandt.
Here's where all the magic happens and where all that tea is slurped. I set up my shadow box on the left. I haven't used it for a while. My studio room upstairs had a really nice north window, but the space was very limited and I could not back up from the easel. I like to back up at least 15 feet from the painting to evaluate it during the painting process. The basement allows me to step back.

I thought I would also show you the overhead lighting. Nothing fancy but the lights are the best I could get as far as color correction. They are 6500degree K Lumichrome Lamps. I highly recommend them.
click on the image to enlarge the painting

Needs a Name - Work in Progress
oil on canvas

Here's a closer look at the painting on the easel. A work in progress that needs a name and is about 80% complete. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Maeona Urban said...

I did enjoy the tour! Nancy VanBlairicom sent me your site address. I am an old painter but a new blogger. I may give a tour of my own. Great painting! I like the patterned background behind the flowers.

Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks for the tour, Peter! And you are not the only one with piles and piles of art magazines and books. I'm even worse because I have decorating magazines and knitting books/patterns, too. I can picture my children, upon my demise, marching off to the library and goodwill with donations. Poor babies.

Title..."Threads and Petals"

Bye for now..

soobeedoo said...

Hi Peter!

I've been lurking here for a long time and decided to finally say "howdy!" - You're a swell painter. I paint too but not often enough.

I was wondering how much life you get out of those Lumichrome lamps? I bought some a while ago for photography but never got round to that project - I'm wondering how much use I can squeeze out of them for a still-life.

Thanks so much for my favorite painting blog ever!

---sue h

Dana S. Whitney said...

I want to say how much I appreciate seeing your paintings AND having the instant gratification of your insights, comments and advice. As far as this WIP, I really like the reflection of the vase in the table's finish!
PS: based on your studio set up, are you left handed? :-)

Peter Yesis said...

Thanks all!
Maeona - thanks for noticing the background. I have redone it about 6 times.
Cheryl- what is it about artists and magazines? Thanks for the title, it may end up the winner.
WoW! Sue thanks for the compliment. I enjoy writing the blog and miss it when I don't post.
KPW- The reflection is one of my favorite pieces too. No, I am not left handed. Does that mean I am det up backwards?