Thursday, July 10, 2008

Daily Painting Practice - Plein air Flower Garden

click on image to enlarge the painting

Plein Air Flower Garden
oil on canvas board

Today our little Plein Air group met at John's house near Plattsmouth, NE. John's wife has a gift for growing flowers and has lots of these small flower gardens all around their house. This corner on the back of John's workshop was fun to paint even though the temperature was near 90 in the sun. I was happily planted under the shade of a mulberry tree though. For a snack all I had to do was turn around, reach up and pick.


Anonymous said...


Gig Harbor florist

Anonymous said...

I like it ! Colours are bright and well balanced.

Cara said...

Mulberries! I wouldn't have gotten any work done - either that or you'd see all the purple stains in my work. Looks like you are full of self contrtol though because you pturned out a beautiful little gem.