Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daily Painting Practice- Beginning painting of Rosenblatt Stadium

With all of the financial gloom and doom going around I needed a project with a subject to pick me up... and one that I think might sell well in a slowing economy.
I did this small 5"x7" painting last spring of the College World Series. The College World Series has been held at Rosenblatt Stadium here in Omaha for the past 40 something years. In a year or two Rosenblatt is scheduled for demolition and a new stadium will be built in downtown Omaha. The old stadium has a loyal following and great memories for a lot of people. I thought a larger version might be fun to try before it is gone.
I took this photo to give you a good scale of the painting. (36"x48") I am working from photos and the color study I did this past fall when the stadium was empty. The Omaha Royals, the farm team of the Kansas City Royals, use the stadium each season and they were kind enough to let me paint from the stands one day.
This detail shows how the charcoal drawing is allowed to show through the under painting. As the painting progresses the painted details will cover over the guidelines from the drawing. This is why I don't spend a lot of time on the drawing. I will correct and change it as I go along. I use the first charcoal drawing as a map to block in the larger painted areas and to guide the placement of details.
Here's the progress shot. I know I will be doing several heads of people in the bottom right but at this point I don't know the details of how that will look. Regardless, I will complete the painting and put them in last. I might even do a Norman Rockwell and put myself in the crowd, looking back at the viewer.... Need to buy a good hat!


Darren Maurer said...

That is going to be cool.

Stacey Peterson said...

This one looks like it's going to be neat - love the size of it!

Congrats on your mention in American Art Collector, btw - your painting (and ad) looked great. I love that painting when I first saw it, so I'm not surprised it's in the show =)

Cara said...

WOW - you're ambitious!

Unknown said...

This looks great! I love the step by step shots. said...

Great project - It would be nice to hang somewhere where all those remembering the stadium can view it. From experiece we know you will create a beautiful memorial.

PPASP said...

I'm tuned in to watch the progress!

Chris Bolmeier said...

This is a very nice painting and it's sure to tug at the heartstrings of the diehard Rosenblatt fans, Kevin Costner?
Chris B