Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Daily Painting Practice - Stage two of New Still Life - Adding Color

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Still Life -Work in Progress
Stage Two - Adding Color

OK. I 'm slowly adding color now, not because the drawing was perfect, with every detail sketched out or because the values were all correct in the under painting. (definitely not the case with either item) No, I just want to get to the color because that's the fun part....at least for this painting.

I put a cool blue wash over the background making sure to include the same wash and color in the shadow side of the objects. Then I add small bits of color keeping the colors muted and the paint very thin at this point. Keeping the edges soft is always on my mind at this stage, I wish I had a good song with those words in the lyrics... I'd be humming it now.

" keep the edges soft and it will be alright, keep the edges soft and you can paint all night..."

Now if I add a Pickup truck, a dog and some prison time to those lyrics I may have me the start of a good country music song. Yee Haa!


Anonymous said...

Love the painting and thanks again for sharing the process.

Sounds more like John Mayer or Coldplay lyrics. Or, to go back a few more years, James Taylor or Niel Diamond.

Keep posting,

http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

Like everything about it. A beautiful painting in every aspect.

Jack said...

This painting sounds really good..nice to see your paintings..Thanks for the post..

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