Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daily Painting Practice - Lake Superior Painting - But what size?

click on the painting to enlarge the image

Lake Superior Shore Line
Northwoods Series No.1
oil on masonite

I finished the first painting of my new Northwoods Series.... or have I? Two of the Gang of Four have made the observation and comment that this painting would do better on a larger canvas.... Heavy sigh! While I like the intimate nature of smaller paintings I think I agree that this would also work well on a larger canvas, say 24" x30". I don't mind the idea of doing it again, it will give me a chance to play with the waves a little more and maybe add some clouds low on the horizon.... Of course next time I will follow procedure and get their input before I start. In the mean time I am still counting this as Northwoods Series Number 1.


Amy Mann said...

I love this painting, don't change a thing!

Anonymous said...

It is the kind of composition that would work well on a larger scale so I guess I agree with them, but I'm also very fond of smaller scale more intimate sized paintings, so I guess I agree with you.
Either way I like this one. I can feel the sun and the moist air off the lake. Well done. said...

Wow - I don't know how you could make it any more natural looking. A great painting.