Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - No Sour Grapes

I had some good  news this month, I had one painting juried into the Salon International Competition. Yeehah!  It is so encouraging to get into these shows. It is great exposure...However,  that was followed a rejection of my entries for the Oil Painters of America National Show.  Bummer! So what is the lesson here?
Keep your eyes on the prize. I'm not talking about the prize of getting into national competitions, I'm talking about the prize of continuing to strive to do your best work. While  getting into these shows definitely looks good on your art resume,  and they are a good way to promote your work, it is not the end goal.  Painting work you are proud of  is the goal and the prize.
click on the painting to enlarge the image

No Sour Grapes
oil on masonite

So no sour grapes! Keep trying  to get into competitions and keep painting.


Sharon Kay said...

Silly people! How CAN they leave you out!!

gini said...

Wow.. I just visited this blog site. A dear friend suggested I might.. Sharon.. :P

I am in AWE. Truly wonderful art!!
thank you Skay.

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the development of the painting and the words you posted between each stage. a beautiful painting and good words of advice. r. said...

Beautiful grapes. Your work is good enough for any show in the world.