Friday, June 04, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Beginning to Finish Something, I think

Hello, my name is Peter,  and I am a recovering beginner...
( to understand what that means, refer to last week's post). I have been on the wagon for one week in a row. Here is my  finished piece.

click on the image to enlarge the painting

Summer Light
(that's the working title I use until my official title giver/wife signs off on it)
oil on canvas

I made a first step, I signed it. (though I do see a few  places that bug me. I may sneak into the studio for a few quick  fix tonight.)

I enjoyed a lot of the  comments last week. Some  were closet beginners and some recovering beginners. Mostly I enjoyed the enablers all tempting encouraging me to go out and start something new, like the peonies.  I must admit to having thoughts of jumping into something new but  I held on and kept repeating to myself , " one day, one step, one painting at a time."

The road to recovery  is long.  I may need to supply the studio with donuts and coffee)... or tea.


Gary Keimig said...

great painting. Great blog. Love what you are doing and your self indulged therapy. I do believe it just might work on myself.

Celeste Bergin said...

haha--I was one of the "enablers"--but I see you got a magnificent result from staying with the painting..! It's beautiful--a true classic!
I guess, when I think back on your prior post, I was looking at things from my perspective instead of yours. (I rarely revisit a painting--they're all done to me in one session). Seeing your end painting...I'm glad you stayed with it!

Anonymous said...

I saw a previous version of this and thought it was finished then!

That being said, I so relate to this ..."affliction" I feel like I need to find a meeting.

DA Schuster Fine Art said...

You captured the water perfectly. You've got water lilies in there and I can relate to that! Keep in mind, the painting is finished when you start messing it up.

Catherine said...

Hello Peter! I've been reading your blog for a while now and I have to say I really like your art. I like how you capture light in a subtle way. I also enjoyed reading your plein air experiences.

I also paint. I do have a BA in studio art, but compare to you I am such a beginner. I am just beginning to have my show at alternative spaces so I've now started a blog too. Anyways, just want to introduce myself and tell you how much I've appreciated your blog.