Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Plein Air Painting at Lauritzen Gardens

I had a great day painting plein air yesterday. There was an art event at the  Lauritzen Gardens here in Omaha and a group of us (plein air painters)  acted as  props for the garden tourists to  oooohhhh and ahhhh at.  It was a two day event  but I only painted Sunday. The weather was beautiful, with highs in the 80's not the scorching upper 90's of the past few weeks.

I painted this group of Hostas planted in the shade.

Most of the time I enjoy hearing the comments from people behind me while I paint. Especially when parents try to explain to their children, what it is I am doing .

"Oh look dear, there is an artist. Isn't it beautiful? Look at how he paints with a brush. It's just like your paintings from pre-school."

At those times, I must admit, I begin to feel a little bit of pressure. Here I am at a critical point in this  child's life.  I could be representing this kid's introduction to the "Arts". His entire early art appreciation development is in my hands. How do I explain to a 4 year old that I am only just beginning and he shouldn't judge me or my work at this point,

"This is the under painting... I actually do more than these few lines and scribbles... I am only mapping ..."

The kid turns and looks away. I am about as interesting as the shade. He sees another child with a can of soda and runs off.

   We have lost another generation.

Hostas in the Shade

Oh well, I had fun coloring yesterday.


Jim Serrett said...

Nice work, very fresh and loose, but still descriptive.

It is just hard to compete with sugar - soda.

Marilyn M. King said...

You certainly captured the essence of the moment. Your story also captured the behind the scene moment. Very artfully told.

Erik said...

Great story and I really like the painting. I hope my kids will develop a fondness of painting when they grow up. Maybe you should do a painting of a can of soda and place that next to your easyl next time :)

Kathy Jurek said...


judith said...

Amazing work done.... the first one really look great especially the shades. canvas photos