Friday, November 26, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Half a week's work - Painting mums

This was a short but busy week in the studio with guests and a holiday thrown in.  I started  several paintings  though and thought I would post half of what I have been  working on. ( I'll save the other half for another  post)

 No this isn't another 8"x8" flower painting. This is a detail of the  24"x36" Mum Mum Mia painting I posted at the beginning of the month.

 The  white mums will be my  focal point so I started there.
 After beginning with the focal point  I decided  to move to the left side and go around the  painting making a color map.
 I like how each group of mums has its own color and character. In a funny way that  helps me paint each area with fresh eyes.
 So around I go adding  just enough detail in this first phase without  getting carried away but keeping my  main  focus on  values and muted  colors.  I have only  worked on the  left side. (had to  take  breaks to eat my  Thanksgiving meal  and then  there were the left overs , visiting, and the apple  pie and ... you  get the picture.


Amy Mann said...

Very beautiful! Obviously you were not one of the Thanksgiving cooks!

Celeste Bergin said...

Wow--what a painting! It has a very appropriate "bountiful" feeling to it...great for Thanksgiving. Beautifully painted!

Deb Copple said...

Really enjoy and appreciate your work. This will be a beautiful painting. Happy Holidays.