Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Mock Orange Still Life

Step 3- ( I skipped showing steps 1 and 2; transferring drawing and going  over it with Liquin and dark paint)  Let that dry overnight. Step 3: I started scrubbing in some very thin paint with a very dry brush.

Step 4:  I am establishing some color in the darks. Still keeping the paint thin. I want to make the  vase  feel solid.  You might notice that I only use the drawing as a road map.  I paint  over the  flowers with  half tones though I can  still see some of the drawing  poking through.

Finally, I can start the real fun... the blossoms. These Mock Orange blossoms I clipped from a neighbors hedge row. They last one day after cutting then drop off to the floor. But while they are alive they look beautiful.

I am trying to keep my mind on the light as it travels across the different forms and I keep going back to work on the vase. lighter, darker, more color, muted color... on and on it goes.
 Mock- Orange  
 work in progress
oil on  panel

Now  for the background.... I know, I know, some days I seem to  approach these paintings in  reverse order. I cooled the painting down a bit.   Next steps,  finish background,  clean up details,  go through check list... get approval from the gang of four and sign it... OH... and think of a title. Any suggestions?

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Kathy Jurek said...

That's really pretty, Peter!