Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily Painting Practice - something for Japan

I'm almost there. About 98% complete. The cloth still needs work and a few other areas need to be sharpened or cleaned up. Can't help continuing to think about the Japanese people this week. Especially while I work on this painting .
I came up with a name for the painting in the process. It seems appropriate to make this painting a tribute to all of those who have and continue to suffer in Japan,and to all who are working to put their lives back in some kind of order. I find it helps me to remember that beauty can be created even after such horrible events and that  is one of the best parts of our human nature.,, to make beautiful things and share them with others.
 click on the image to enlarge

For Miyako
work in progress
oil on canvas

here are some detail photos.


Karla said...

This is exquisite!

Anonymous said...

beautifully detailed--just the right amount and the textures really work.


jimserrettstudio said...

Beautiful work, just love the edge handling and surfaces. The figurine is amazing. Just a killer piece.