Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daily Painting Practice- What was What is and What maybe

I like  reading and  watching good mysteries. It's one of my pleasures away from art. Old English black and white movies are a weakness.   I especially like ones where I  can't figure out  the ending. I love it when the plot  leads me through the story line with twists and turns and surprising developments.

Well life itself is the greatest mystery.  And mine  has  had its share of  twists and turns. The changes in my plot line are getting  interesting.  I find the best way to handle these changes  is to  enjoy them in the same manner I do movies and books.  Keep going  turn the page. Something thrilling might happen!
 To paraphrase  Sherlock Holmes, The thrill is in the chase.

 I have  recently joined the ranks of  the part time artist. Yes,  full time employment after so many years in front of the easel  is quite a twist in the plot.
So  pictures  and views like this ...

get changed to views like this..

Fear not though. It's not like the  main character of this story is going to change from the fun loving, tea drinking, blog writing and some what humorous artist into an accountant....  that would be boring.

but the artistic adventures in an engineering office..... now that is a page turner!

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Daily Painting Practice - The mystery of the office sketchbook.


jimserrettstudio said...

Truly admire your paintings and hope you can keep producing and sharing your work.
Best of luck.

Sheila Vaughan said...

All the best Peter. These imposed "breaks" often serve us well as artists. (And most women painting are only painting part time anyway.. it works).

Anonymous said...

Peter, You got this! I've been working full-time the whole time I've been "daily" painting (2006) AND through the birth of my 2 kids and a third one due in 10 days! Not only is it possible but makes painting even more enjoyable.