Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daily Painting Practice - A Few More Plein Air Lessons

My Plein air weekend continued:

The following day I got a late start,(too much plein air on day one I  imagine),  or it might have been because I forgot to set my alarm so I over slept .
 I found a back country road outside of town that turned into a dirt road.   It was as quiet as could be.  I could hear the grasshoppers munching the dry corn. Iowa was in a  terrible drought .

I pulled over and set up. I left myself a little room to back up and evaluate the progress.

Since there was no shade to paint in  I  used my umbrella to shade the painting.  I wish I had one big enough to shade my whole body. Notice that I have not learned my  lesson about  laying out brushes on my car. 

The canvas was pre-toned in an olive gray green. Perfect choice for painting an Iowa corn field.
An old pickup truck slowed down as it passed by me. I got the funniest look from the passenger. I don't think they could figure out what I was doing. I'd  paint a stroke and back up a few steps to the car then step forward. Back and forth, back and forth. They must have thought I was disoriented and suffering from heat stroke. I am sure I looked too strange in my floppy hat  and sunburned knees to stop and ask if I needed help.
Not a bad morning's work.

Stepping back one too many times.  I guess I got too  close and swiped the car with paint.
 People  who watch me plein air painting should take warning.

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