Friday, September 20, 2013

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - Another Acadia Seascape

The endless supply of inspiration found in Maine is amazing.

Schoodic point -Acadia National Park  - an endless source of inspiration

My problem isn't finding something to paint... the problem is deciding what not to paint. I need to expand the same thought while actually painting. What to leave out is just as important as what I leave in.
On the easel in the studio

I thought a good title might be - Falling Through the Cracks
The colors of the sea are as plentiful as the leaves covering the Maine landscape, but because so much changes so often in the sea, you just have to watch a while and the colors will reveal themselves. 

l have some refining to do on this painting before it gets an official title and a signature.  All names for paintings must get final approval by the Ministry of Titles and Appropriations.  The easy part is doing the painting... the hard part is coming up with a name.


Alejandro Cabeza said...

A great painting, the best I've seen today


Mary Byrom said...

Go Peter~!

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Karl Heerdt said...

Very nice!

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