Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daily Painting Practice - Cheers to Leslie Saeta 30 paintings in 30 day challenge

Day 30 - Last day of the challenge

I decided to dedicate this post to Leslie Saeta as a way of thanking her for hosting the 30 day challenge. It was an interesting month and lots of fun coming up with ideas.
Reused canvas board
The trick to reused boards is to only sand them down until the rough spots  are gone. Don't try to sand them down to clean canvas. This comes with a serious warning ... The dust created by sanding off the paint is very toxic so take precautions. wear disposable gloves, old clothes that you take off and wash immediately, and only sand the panels outside. They also should be washed off with soap and water when you finish to  remove the dust from each panel.

simplify the block in to light and dark
I started with a brush but since I am dedicating this final painting to  Leslie and she paints with only a palette knife ... so will I.
palette knife experiment
Painting with a palette knife alone is like eating peas with a pencil. There must be a trick to it but I haven't figured it out. So I'm scraping and pushing and dipping and flipping the knife all over the canvas hoping to discover  what works.
signed it too soon
I got this far and signed it. But when I stepped back after taking the photo, I noticed the  water was the wrong color and  the value in the middle area was too dark. 
Cove Light
oil on canvas board
This one may get picked up as a larger studio  painting.  Anyway thank you Leslie Saeta it was an enjoyable 30 days.

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Unknown said...

Well done, a lovely piece