Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Painting in Maine - progress of a Seascape

Another edition of :
 What's on my easel Wednesday.

Work in Progress

Someone on Facebook asked me what colors I used in the rocks of this painting, so I thought I would re-post the early sequence again and go through some of the detail and bring you all up to date.

Here's some of the colors I had on my palette during the process.
Titanium White,
Ultra- Marine Blue, Colbalt Blue, Cerulean Blue,
Viridian Green, 
Naples Yellow, Cadmium Lemon, Yellow Ochre,
Indian Red, Permanent Madder Deep,
Dioxazine Purple
Burnt Umber,  Burnt Sienna
 I started with an under-painting using Indian Red and Burnt Sienna
 Some Viridian Green and White.
 Ultra- Marine Blue under the warmer foreground water.

 There's some Cobalt Blue in the mix now also some yellows.
 At this stage I remember thinking this was a foggy day scene and I was messing around with the idea of adding some angry seagull screaming into the wind...
 Then I added a sun behind the fog... which became a moon.... which cools the water color and darkens the rocks....
So, this painting has been hanging around the studio for over a year getting worked on  when I am in the mood for a challenge. And now I am almost there.... some detail in the foreground and.... of course, I still need a title.


Jerry Harvey said...

Very impressive. Nice progression, which helps to see how you moved from step to step...

Amanda Martinez said...

Thank you for sharing your step by step! I love the red under painting and the final painting itself. Thanks for being an inspiration!

Paintings in the post said...

A great post....always interesting to see progress images...thanks for sharing!