Saturday, August 01, 2015

Daily Painting Practice - Do, redo, what ever it takes to get it Right

If a painting hangs around long enough it is bound to get worked on again, and again, and again... Until I get it right.

 Here's a painting in progress I posted back in 2012.
 Right off the bat I focussed on how the birches lit up the forest.

 I thought I was close to being finished back then. Two years later...
 it still hung around the studio, I'd work on it then figure I was done...Of course I wasn't. The painting never caught my attention like that first spark of the idea. So I worked on it some more....
Birches 12x16

and now I finally called it complete.  I may have lost the light but I'm pleased none the less. So, how do you know when a painting is complete?  When she-who-must-not-be-named says so.

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Very beautiful paintings and very interesting art blog !!!
Have a nice and creative week !!!