Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For the pure joy of pushing paint

Painting simple everyday objects doesn't require much, just look around you. There are so many possibilities. Common objects are screaming to you...
"Paint me ..Paint me!"
I remember grinding down pencils until they couldn't be sharpened any more. A pencil is such a cool invention.
Pencil sharpener
oil on canvas panel

School started here in Omaha last week. This old pencil sharpener and especially the lined paper just remind me of school days. In the top ten of - happiest days of my life - number 9 : the last time I had to write my name in the top left hand side ...

This was a quick fun practice. I had paint left over from yesterday and I wanted to just enjoy moving paint around. I picked the first thing I saw. Not every painting needs to be sold or be important. Some could just be for the pure enjoyment of pushing paint ..... It has taken me 30 years to realize that... I am a slow learner.


Anonymous said...

The composition is brilliant. Your signature location is clever. Your choice of simple painting subjects invite memories or provoke thoughts of untold stories. Oregon on-looker

J Matt Miller said...

Beautiful Peter! It shows when we are having fun, does it not?

ParisBreakfasts said...

That's an amazing old sharpener..looks like the kind they had in school..oops dating myself here. Nice story/nice painting.

Anonymous said...

peter Ilove bananas! Nice angle , nice painting.

go bananas!