Thursday, August 31, 2006

Painting Apples two Apples

A different beginning this time. Strong complimentary colors.
You can see my trusty old shadow box being employed again. I like the contrast and the complimentary colors that give it a punch.
Here is a deep thought (I only have one of these a day, so pay attention)....Have you ever noticed it is actually more fun to paint with complimentary colors than not. I think there should be a government funded psychological study done as to why that is. Imagine the government spending money on learning the causes to having fun. Increase the fun budget!
Two Green Apples
oil on canvas panel
No two apples are alike. That is why I think artists never grow tired of painting them. We are just like cooks or bakers in the kitchen. We experiment with different ingredients trying to come up with something new and exciting to serve our friends. In this case the background color and lighting were used to create a mood for two green apples served on a white napkin.
Food and art go so well together. Check out one of my new favorite blogs(Parisbreakfasts) for a real culinary treat and some eye candy.

Time to reflect and plan:
I have completed my first full month of blogging Daily Painting Practice and experimenting with selling these small practice paintings on Ebay. In all, I am overwhelmed by the response.
To date: 3550 visitors, from 31 countries.
Ebay sales: 10 (with 3 more having current bids)
Blog sales: 2
The best part for me has been corresponding with so many kindred spirits and new artists. I have to thank my friend (Darren Maurer) for introducing me to this new art community.

Plan for September:
Time to get bold here.
If I go public with goals for the coming month will it help me commit to achieving those goals? Let's find out. Here's the list:
1. Keep up the daily paintings but start painting outside of the studio.
2. Complete 1 larger painting each week for my website.
3. Complete the portrait.



m collier said...

Thanks for sharing your process. I enjoy looking over your shoulder and watching as each painting is developed. Your September plan sounds great -- always good to have a plan -- helps you get to where you need to go.

Christina said...

Congratulations on a full month of painting. I really enjoy checking your site and reading your commentary.
Good luck with September!

Lisa said...

I really enjoy reading your daily commentary on your work. Congrats on a full month of work and for the sales!! "I likes them apples"

ParisBreakfasts said...

Thanks for the shoutout Peter and congrats on all that you've accomplished out in the BLog world in just one month. Pretty amazing! Funny you should mention complimentary colors today in relation to your lovely apples-I just posted on the RED/GREEN combo. NOw I better go do a painting to go with soon as I finish cleaning my closet.

bdelpesco said...

Bravo and cartwheels and fresh baked cookies for reaching the month-milestone! I love the September goals, and I'm rah-rahing you from over here (waving), and so looking forward to seeing the next entries from your studio. Congratulations!

Ed Terpening said...

great to have you part of the blogosphere! Nice work. I've planed a bid on this one.

You mentioned the study of complementary colors...I know two really good sources. There's a book called "The Art of Seeing" written by a noted neurologist. It's very approachable, for the novice. It explains how complementary colors work. Really interesting stuff.

The other source is Ted Georschner's "The Workshop Experience" book. I highly recommend it. He talks about many different color schemes and theories, including of course complementary colors.

ming said...

all the best!

Takeyce said...

Congrats on the success, Peter! You do such an amazing job with sharing your beautiful work and process. Can't wait to see what September brings!

Anonymous said...

Most inspiring on ALL LEVELS!
Another good book on the use of compliments is: "THE YIN/YANG OF PAINTING," by Hongnian Zhang and Louise Woolley (Watson Guptil)
By the way; I really think you should live even MORE dangerously...and charge more for your paintings.S.Jersey Boy