Friday, August 04, 2006

onion still life painting


not so daring
but I like the
feel of it better

I thought the composition needed a little more.
So I grabbed a pitcher for more vertical interest.
The pitcher is outlined with very little paint. I don't want the outline too bold. That may lead me to want to "color in" the outline rather than paint he light that falls on the pitcher.

"Onion, Plate & Pitcher"
6"x8" oil on
canvas panel
Onions have such a mysterious quality about them and I found the color very interesting to paint.
I may being doing a lot more onions! The pitcher is another purchase from my visit to the antique store in Sioux City. It has a personality also. I almost feel like I'm painting people when I do these still lifes.

I have read that it takes 3 weeks or is it 3 months of daily practice to change or develop a habit. This is the end of my second week and I am at the cross roads. I can feel my confidence going up, and I am enjoying the process and learning so much... all of that in just two weeks. Here's the danger and what I need to remid myself in order to keep moving forward.
1. I won't like every painting. Some won't turn out, most will.
2. I may not always feel I am making improvements and growing. But, in reality practice always leads to improvement.
3. Selling is not he goal. To quote Thoreau "To affect the quality of the day - that is the art of life"

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David said...

Peter -- nice, nice work -- I really like your style and unity of palette. This is definitely my kind of still life. Unpretentious . . . artfully conceived . . . respectful, and showing of a generally unperceived aspect of the objects. That in itself sounded pretentious, but you know what I mean. I'm really enjoying seeing the stages of your process. Looking forward to the next one!

Take care,