Thursday, August 03, 2006

30 Minute Flower painting

Trumpet Vine
on canvas

Sorry no preliminary photos on this one. I wanted to see how fast I could capture the light and do a painting. The light was fading because it was early evening and the sun was going down. Here's how I got there:

Just after supper my wife suggested I paint the trumpet vine flowers. We have two huge trumpet vines with an abundance of these beautiful orange flowers growing in our backyard. I decided to use one of her new purchases ( the little bowl) in the composition and began playing with ideas. Once I placed the flowers on top of the bowl I was hooked. The light was just right.... I made an impulsive dive into painting. (Artists are allowed to do that, aren't they?) Anyway, here is the result.
I love the loose brush work and the light on the bowl. I didn't correct anything! Once it was painted I pretty much left it as is. Alla Prima all the way! in 30 minutes I called it done...and turned on the lights.


Luis Colan said...

hi, just found your blog by reading your comment on Darren Maurer's site. I must say this little study you did is great, and the other painting inspired me to stop websurfing and get to work, not without sayin that I've become a fan. I love the images of your process. Take care and happy painting.


Louis Boileau said...

Hey Peter, nice quick study!