Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Painting cornbread

My wife suggested I break away from a flat horizontal perspective and try something different. She is usually rrrrrrrright. It makes taking progress pictures more difficult though. I need to remind myself that this is daily PRACTICE painting. Remember Peter.......try new things... develop confidence in paint.... enjoy the process!
I begin to think too much about too many things. Just paint and enjoy it.
I'm trying hard to leave the shadow transparent and not bring any opaque paint in there. I have a very bad habit of killing shadows with opaque paints. That kills a painting faster than you can say "wha happened?"
oil on canvas panel
Corn bread and coffee the ideal breakfast for sitting around the table on a lazy weekend. The arrangement of the butter knife looks like one of those warning labels. "NO CORNBREAD ALLOWED"!
Self Critique:
The cornbread looks and feels like cornbread. So I like that part. I struggled with the plate and I think I rushed to finish it. Patience is a quality to practice as much as daily painting technique.


Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding, little masterpiece.
Nice work.

J Matt Miller said...

Excellent Peter! To answer your question, I didn't set up that drawing. I just sat down in front of my wife and sketched away.

Jon Conkey said...

You sure have a nice range of style and subject matter in your work, plus I love your clever painting tips! JLC