Monday, August 14, 2006

Painting Needle & Thread

I quickly sketched in with charcoal then blocked in the shapes with Burnt Sienna. Notice the blue/grey paper for the background.

I didn't like that background color so I removed it and went with the more neutral green of my studio walls.
I didn't see the leaning tower of yellow thread until my wife kindly pointed it out to me. Every artist should marry a person with a great eye for perspective. They should teach you that in art school.
Needle & Thread
5"x7" oil on canvas panelSOLD

Pin cushions always fascinated me as a kid. I'd push all the pins in then pull each one out to an even length. Then I would push all of them back in again. I was easily entertained.
Self Critique time:
I like the idea or theme of this painting, but that's about it. I should have been more painterly and not so concerned with details. I find when I concentrate too much on seeing and painting details, I lose connection with the spirit of the objects I am attempting to paint.
I should remember to treat each still life as a portrait.

This is the second painting in a row involving sewing. Painting these has me thinking how challenging it would be to paint a series. Paintings based on a theme. Check out daily painter
  • Jon Conkey
  • his entire blog is based on monthly themes.

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    Luis Colan said...

    Hello Peter, I love your new series of paintings. I don't think you are getting too concerned with the looks very painterly to me. I'm very fond of these new pieces because my mother used to be a seamstress back in Peru. I grew up with needles, patterns, and threads all around. It's always nice to conect with works of art at a very personal emotional level.