Saturday, August 12, 2006

How to display your daily paintings

I found a great way to display daily paintings at home on the cheap. I got the idea from a great design blog calledDecor8 . It works well for these small paintings. How easy was that? So, for those artists going to fairs or exhibiting, here's one way to save some money.

A wonderful lady and artist
  • Vivianne St. Clair
  • purchased my painting of marigolds. There is no greater honor for an artist than to have his or her work displayed and appreciated in a home. I'd take someone loving a piece and hanging it in their home to hanging in a cold museum basement anyday. Especially when done so tastefully as this.


    Anonymous said...

    I just came upon your blog. I think it is wonderful that you are documenting your painting process. I am ready to get back to painting again, and I think your blog will really help push me along. Thank you. :)

    J Matt Miller said...

    Love the apple painting!

    muddy red shoes said...

    Hi Peter, dosnt that painting look fantastic in the frame, I agree it is great when something you have made is cherished, its the best feeling.

    Robin said...

    I love this site! Great paintings and great info Thanks Peter