Thursday, August 10, 2006

Every artist has these types of days... Don't they?

This was one of those days. I know those of you who paint can feel my pain. And those who would like to paint... don't read any further.....things may get nasty.
I started off feeling like this one would turn out OK. I liked the tonal quality of the light. However, I was bored with the composition. I rubbed the painting out 3 times before moving on.
I like the composition. But you should have seen the painting. Uuuuugggghly!
I think my brain took a holiday and brought any painting skills I have with it.
Third time is a charm... right? I'm afraid not. Complete mud as far as color and the drawing was off. I'm beginning to think nasty thoughts..... Time for a break. where's my tea?
I gave up on the bambo and after everyone else went to sleep I tried something completely different. Sorry about the quality of the photos. These were taken at night.
It is now midnight. I should call this session, "nightly painting practice"
Ribbon & Thread
5" x 7"
oil on canvas panel
I finally have something I am interested in. I may explore this sewing theme some more. I like the variety of color and I can have a lot of fun with composition.

Lesson of the day. Keep at it! even when things don't go right... clean the studio, clean the brushes, have a cup of tea... but then go back to it.


David said...

Peter, I feel your pain. There's a point in each one of my sessions that I think, "rub it out! it'll never work!" Sometimes rubbing it out feels so good . . . liberating. Other times, not so good. I've saved all my throw aways on a shelf on our back porch and flip through them from time to time. Time, it seems, is a good teacher. Sometimes, in stead of making a cup of coffee, I'll visit the "show us your boner" thread on wet canvas, in which I'm proud to have been a participant.

Anonymous said...


Don't give up.


"van Vliet" Art Blog said...

I am learning so much just by watching your blog. The work is very good and the process inspiring. Thanks for the posting on a regular basis.

J Matt Miller said...

RYC Do you mean an oil portrait drawing? And I totally understand the painter's block/frustration. I rarely produce anything at all when I am that way. Great persistance!