Wednesday, August 09, 2006

work in progress -Painting Flowers in Omaha

Omaha Old Market Flowers
work in progress

My friend and fellow daily painter
  • Darren Maurer
  • made a suggestion to me yesterday that I thought would be interesting. He said posting a larger work in progress might be fun to watch. Of course it doesn't fall under the "daily painting practice" blog by-laws. (They are more like guidelines anyway).
    So here is a painting I will be doing for my website. It is already well underway. Pretend you just stopped by the studio to take a peak.....

    Omaha has a wonderful old part of town called the "old market" which is filled with atmosphere, sidewalk cafes, shops, old bookstores, antique shops, etc. It also has this colorful corner with a flower shop.

    This corner has such a nostalgic feel to it. My wife loves this painting. She loves flowers. The boarded up window and the old table are interesting. But my favorite part is the small vase of flowers, alone on the table.

    At this stage I am battling the right hand side of the painting. There will be dried cornstalks stacked in the back. I am also struggling with the brickwork. Perspective class, pay attention! ( Who said painting for a living would be easy?)
    I'll post progress reports in the weeks ahead, as this painting comes to completion. I hope you enjoy it!


    J Matt Miller said...

    Outstanding! Really beautiful.

    David said...

    Looks brilliant so far . . . we'll be watching!

    Anonymous said...

    I love it!

    Cheri said...

    This is one of your best yet! My first reaction was... WOW!