Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Painting a Kitchen Conversation

"Orange Picot"
oil on masonit panel
I've just added a few new paintings to my
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  • . Check them out. I hope you enjoy what I have been working on.
    Here's one I love. My daughter came up with the twist in the name. Evidently there is a type of stitch called "picot" in needlework. There is also a tea named orange pekoe.

    "Kitchen Conversation"
    oil on panel

    Here's yesterday's final photo of the oil and vinegar study. I was going to call it "Three women talking" but I like "Kitchen Conversation" better. I wonder just how important is the name of a painting in marketing art. Has anyone heard of a study or know of a blog that taks about that?

    Speaking of marketing here is the latest on the test of marketing these daily practice paintings on Ebay. At the end of 2 weeks:
    The "jelly jar" did not sell, the "Tomato" sold. I also have sold one painting from this blog. The "marigolds" painting. To soon to have an opinion, I'll wait until the end of August .

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