Tuesday, August 01, 2006

painting "Tomatoes"

oil on canvas board


Here's the daily painting practice of my garden tomatoes that I wanted to post yesterday. I grow heirloom german tomatoes from seed that I save from the garden every year. They get very big and ugly, but extremely tasty. You'll see one in tomorrow's painting. For today's painting I used smaller bush tomatoes. Summer would not really be summer for me, without a fresh garden tomato sandwich everyday for lunch.

I am sorry about the glare on the painting I used more medium in this painting than usual. It is also warmer in tone because I used a spot light in addition to the window.


J Matt Miller said...

Peter, thanks for the encouragement! I love your work as well. Showing step by step is incredibly valuable to learning artists--a picture is worth pages of writen instuction. Excellent site. ~ Matt Miller

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Peter,

Great work here! So interesting to see the set up and progress pics! Thanks for visiting over at Art & Life.