Monday, September 04, 2006

Omaha Flower Market - one for the website

How far would you go to check the perspective in a painting? I went this far.
The perspective lines in this painting were critical, I could not fake them or eyeball them in without something being a little off. So, in order to check the drawing,(I know it should have been done earlier) here is what I came up with.
1. Using the corners of the table, I squared up the painting and taped it down.
2. I found the horizon line in the painting and extended it out as far as I needed. Then I taped the string on the line at the proper distance to make the correct angles.
Here's a closer look. I pulled the string tight and marked the painting using a soft charcoal stick. Don't draw the lines just make little tick marks. I then used a straight edge and a sharp needle to scratch out the lines.(playing connect the dots) I also checked all the vertical lines with a T-square.
Omaha Flower Market
20" x 24"
oil on canvas
available soon on my website
I actually finished one! Can you believe it?
My motivational therapist (my wonderful wife) challenged me last Friday to get 2 paintings finished over the weekend. I worked very hard on this one and never did touch painting number two. However, I am celebrating because this was a struggle. And one should always celebrate any win in overcoming fear,doubt and procrastination. Otherwise those habits never weaken.
I posted this previously as a work in progress.(See August 9th post) The photo doesn't do the color and texture justice. (click on the picture to enlarge it) Someday I'll be able to take good photos of my art, until then I'm content having any art at all to photograph.


ming said...

that in one weekend is a feat in itself, sometimes we aim high, so if we miss a littl, we're still in good shape:)

ming said...

grat job!

ParisBreakfasts said...

Yikes I don't think I've ever checked the perspective of a picture unless forcibly made to..
Have you tried using a tripod? Makes a huge difference when shooting paintings :)