Wednesday, September 06, 2006

painting bananas

I started this painting a little differently than the others. Almost painting in reverse. I toned the background and instead of drawing the bananas, I wiped off the paint. This method gives a very soft underpainting. My goal is to one day be able to keep those subtle value changes and transparent shadows, then be able to really capture the soft light with flowing brushwork and rich color. (Of course that is the dream I am after, not the the present description of my ability)... Sorry the camera angle is not quite right in this photo.
I thought the background was too cold here. Warning! Warning! bells should be going off right about now. ...One sign of trouble is when you start playing with the background. It is a bad habit to fall into, which comes from not taking the time in the beginning tothink throughthe painting and ask yourself questions. What is the story I am painting? How do I best tell that story with paint, composition, tone , color?
Duane Keiser says his daily paintings are like a morning meditation. I think that calm comes through in his work.
I darkened and warmed up the background. And touched up here and there.
Banana Twins 5" x 7"
oil on canvas panel
What is it about the poor banana? Why don't artists like to paint them? Look at any of the other Daily Painters blogs (there are more of us everyday). We paint hundreds of apples, oranges, pears, lemons, grapes, even eggplant.... come on, an eggplant beats out painting bananas?
I don't get it... The banana has a great shape(turn it sideways and it's like a smile)..Great color, and they come in bunches.... I am for starting a new movement in art, whenever possible put a banana in a painting..... Imagine the possibilities!


Louis Boileau said...

AWESOME!! Peter, this is one of your best yet. you really showing developement in your work. As amazing blog!

Takeyce said...

Lovely, Peter.