Thursday, September 14, 2006

Painting Mums

Another practice painting where I started by wiping the paint off.
I turned the shadow box on it's side. I wanted a very dark background on this one making the flowers come out of the shadows.

Potted mums
oil on canvas panel

Mums are great flowers. They hold still. They smell good and they blossom late into fall. Can you ask a flower to do anything more? You may notice my favorite pitcher/vase is back again. Here's the story of why I keep sticking it in these practice paintings.
A while back (see the post of July 28) , I purchased this pitcher thinking it a great still life prop. My art manager/wife did not appreciate the object's artistic potential like I did. I think her exact words were -" no one will buy a painting with that in it." Even though she has a great track record for these things, I set out to prove her wrong and painted two, (Onion still life) and (painting Jane Austin) posted on Ebay...They did not sell and her management fee went up.
But I am not giving up......This isn't about art any more, my status in family decisions is hanging on by a thread. I need to score one.
I have to repaint one of the mums my finger smudged it when I took the painting off the easle.( the pitcher is cursed). The painting on Ebay will be a new photo.


bdelpesco said...

Your paintings are always spectacular.. I love to see what you've got posted every day, and your text makes me laugh out loud. What a gem you are.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,

I hope it is a consolation to you that your rendering of the pitcher is a significant improvement over the actual thing. You are truly an artist when you can transform a garage sale item into an image worthy of the canvas. Perhaps the third time will be the charm, not that anyone's keeping score. Well, maybe someone is.

Kim (the wife)

A.K.Ard said...

I think I am as eager to read your candid commentary as I am to see your paintings every day. Keep up the incredible work!

Darren Maurer said...

Hey, mums the word!