Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9-11 painting

Oil on canvas panel

This was the hardest painting I have done on Daily Painting Practice to date, but not because of any technical problem. It was emotionally hard. I woke up with the thought of wanting to be more active today. I wanted to do something more than listen to the news re-play the same sad interviews and tell the same sad stories. I wanted to participate and hopefully contribute a healing note to somebody, somewhere, somehow..... That's a lot of want-to's, but what action to take?

Ebay has a service that allows donations to be made from the winning bid. That seemed like the proper thing to do with this painting. But more on that later.

The story of this painting has 2 parts. First, it is a memorial to a tragic episode in human history, this is represented by the blocks, knocked down, leaving only the numbers 9 & 11 standing upright. Second, it is a story of hope. This is why I used childrens' blocks. Every child enjoys playing with blocks and building a tall beautiful tower. And every child knows what it feels like to have a bully come by and knock it down. The hurt, the loss, the questions are all the same. But there is a wonderful thing that happens with all children who play with blocks. They always know how to start again and rebuild.....more often than not, with the help of friends.

I wanted to sell this painting using EBay's charity auction service and donate 100% to a charity, but I was so discouraged by their process and user agreement that takes up to 25 % and also states it can change the donation to a charity of their own choosing without notification. I will not be offering this for sale on-line and will make my own donation privately. I urge you to consider how you can make a difference and act as your heart directs you.
Here are the two charities that are rebuilding with the help of friends, I will be donating to (three cups of tea) and (Beyond the 11th)


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Really a lovely gesture and a lovely painting. Thank you for sharing.

mick mcginty said...

great painting...great concept.

bdelpesco said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this lovely piece... I was already pretty moved by it, and now I'm sort of spell bound. Really, really nice.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant concept, profound description. I wept reading it.
Thank you so much.

Louis Boileau said...

Peter...a big pat on the back. Great story. Great painting.

Anonymous said...


Well done!


Takeyce said...

Excellent, Peter.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Thank you Peter.
Lovely painting and lovely thought.

Luis Colan said...

A beautiful tribute!

David R. Darrow said...


I appreciate your heart. And I have to tell you what an outstanding concept and design that was... it snuck up on me a little at a time. Saw the 911 last of all. Brilliant! And the painting quality is typically-yours: top-notch.

Good man, good art.

Keep it up!

And I agree with every word Belinda del Pesco said, above. Well, actually everyone.

Peter Yesis said...

The response to this piece has been very moving and heartfelt. I have learned something from this little practice piece. I believe it shows how art, even in it's simplest form can touch people. And even a 5"x7" painting can give people space to reflect. It can open doors to help us communicate feelings and also to help us find kindred spirits. Art is a very powerful and beautiful gift. That's what I have learned from all of you.
Thank you.