Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Daily Painting Practice- Coffee Grinder

I wanted to sketch this one first to check the composition. Then I started right in with the dry burnt umber/viridian/ultra marine blue background.
My shadow box looks like it has seen better days. I like doing things poking out of the light. It adds more dimension and a sense of the mysterious to the work.
I saved the lettering for last hoping to paint it with fluid clean brushwork. Oh, how we dream. I didn't manage the clean brushwork I wanted so I had to go back in and paint it several times. The struggles continue.... but so does the fun.
ART FACT number 303: YOU CAN NOT WASH A BRUSH IN TEA. As you can see I have not followed my own rule regarding tea cup placement. Tea in front of turps.... not smart. And of course I ruined a good cup of tea.
Coffee Grinder
9" x 12" oil on masonite

I like this old coffee grinder we have. We don't use it now, we have an electric one. When you want coffee in the morning every second counts and the electric one is much faster. Of course tea drinkers like the waiting and the preparation. I wonder if there is a difference between tea drinking artists and how they paint and coffee drinking artists and how they paint?

Self Critique time:
I like the composition with the two objects and the shadow and light play. I think the hard and soft edges could have been better. Overall not terrible but I can do better. That could only mean one thing.... more practice.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! Each day we look forward to your next posting and you continue to impress us. Not only that, your personality is revealed in your writing and confirms that you are something special and real. "Wow" The Oregon couple

G. Caudill said...

I love your work and enjoy reading your comments so much! Had to laugh at the one about the tea. Just did that myself, but it was coffee. Not too appetizing!

Jelaine Faunce said...

Ha ha!!! I love your story accompanying this piece, and I love the piece as well. Wonderful touch you have. :o)

Jamie said...

I love the old world feel of this piece.

Ed Terpening said...

ah! I've done the same thing, dip my brush in a nearby drink. It's bound to happen. Nice painting (as always).

Kim Roberti's Artwork said...

hi, I am new at this, just found your blog, and love your work.