Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just get up and paint

With the Sun at My Back
oil on canvas panel
Yes, I actually left the studio.
Did you ever have a day or two when you just find it hard to motivate yourself to paint? I was like that yesterday. It could be a very dangerous time for me, because if I let it develop into a habit, I can slip from working hard to hardly working.

The day started as one of those,"What do I want to paint days." I knew I needed to get out of the studio, but nothing excited me. I can't believe I was feeling that way. It was a beautiful 90 degree fall day. The trees here are rapidly changing color. It was drop dead gorgeous outside and I was passing hundred's of possible subjects but I could not get excited by any of them. I tried one park scene and wiped it off. I was growing frustrated. After lunch, I knew what I needed to do.

I drove to Zorinsky Park here in Omaha. It is a wonderful little lake, park/nature preserve in the suburbs. I walked into a small meadow, set up my french easel and just painted what I saw in front of me. It's not a great painting but it is a painting. I left with the same feeling you get after mowing the lawn. You didn't want to do it, but you needed to do it. And when you are finished you feel good about the little exercise you got.
Lesson for the daily painter wanna be:
Not every daily painting needs to be a winner. Anything painted is better than nothing painted. And excercise is good for you. Now go eat your vegetables.


Simone of Art Critiques said...

You have a great blog. It is very dynamic and interesting to read. You are also doing very well for a new artist (I mean "new" to the internet market). I've noticed that it usually takes months and months to get noticed on ebay so you are doing extremely well. That is also good advice about painting that you just posted about how important it is to paint every day and not worry about whether or not it will turn out to be a great painting every single time ( because that is just not possible, probably not even for the old Great Masters).

J Matt Miller said...

Totally identify--I feel that way too often. Excellent piece, especially for a blue day!

David said...

I'd say it's a lovely little exercise. The seasonal colors are great, and the atmosphere is nicely executed.

Gotta keep in shape -- habbit it everything -- nothing tried, nothing gained! What?The Office is on tonight, oh well, okay, maybe this once! Arhg!

Shant said...

I actually like this painting, never would have thought of it as an excercise but I understand you day. Some days are like that.

bdelpesco said...

You speak my mind, Peter. Thanks for sharing your reflections with the rest of us. It's incredibly encouraging. And that is a wonderful little painting.

Darren Maurer said...

The atmosphere is perfect. Nice job.

Lee said...

I'm in the process of 'motivating' myself. I promised a friend on the weekend I'd do a painting for her...(me and my big mouth!)so, now I'm getting my head into gear as I must do what I promised. I've been a bit slack lately with my paint brushes , other things have gotten in the way. I paint with acrylics, never having tried oils. I will, one day but am happy with acrylics at the moment. Finding your blog has spurred me upwards and onwards! Thank you.