Monday, October 02, 2006

Home Grown- One for the website

I finally completed another show piece(I think). Here are the close-ups of the finished work. Click each image to enlarge them. Enjoy!
Click the image to enlarge it.
Click the image to enlarge it
click the image to enlarge it
one more time
Home Grown
18" X 36"
oil on masonite
available for sale

I have mentioned previously that downtown Omaha has a great farmer's market on Saturday mornings. It is amazing to see the variety and volume of fruits, vegetables and flowers that local people grow for fun and hopefully for profit.
Home grown can be about the vegetables this family is displaying or I like to think about the family itself, as they work together. It is an interesting story to imagine how these three individuals view their role every Saturday.

Plan for October: remember this from September?
If I go public with goals for the coming month will it help me commit to achieving those goals? Let's find out. Here's the list:
1. Keep up the daily paintings but start painting outside of the studio. DID IT!
2. Complete 1 larger painting each week for my website. NOT DONE. only got 2 done which includes this one.
3. Complete the portrait. Not done. Though I made progress
I'll stick with the same goals for October. Happy painting!


D.Wienand said...

Hi Peter,
do you like John Singer Sargent
read this:


June Parrish Cookson said...

Congratulations Peter! It's finished. This painting is superb with the beautiful colors and how the light creates such lovely warmth. I especially love the glowing expressions on the boy and his mother's faces. And all those vegetables to have painted. . . WOW!

Also, read from your next post you got outside for fresh air. Helps to clear the mind of all those cobwebs. Highly recommended.

Take care Peter.

Artist Toni Grote said...

WOW! Beautiful painting Peter. I am an instant fan.

Jon Conkey said...

Wow Peter, That is quite a painting! JLC

Lee said...

This is outstanding!