Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Daily painting practice - Morning Tea

I decided I need to stretch a little more and work harder. Improvements will only come from striving. I want to get out of the studio and do more paintings of everyday life. Indoors and out. If I just sit in the studio and try to bring everything in there I won't be stretching myself enough. Then I won't be satisfied, and that dissatisfaction will show up in the work, and then global warming will evaporate my turps, and the polar ice caps will melt and flood Nebraska just as I am getting used to painting dry flat plains of corn and soybeans. AHHHHHHH!
I read a lot of Charlie Brown cartoon strips when I was younger, can you tell?

I sat my french easel on the kitchen table and started painting. The french easel is too big to do a lot of this paint around the house stuff so I'll have to find an easier method.
This is what I call the artist's brew station. A lot of ideas can pop into your head as you wait to brew your tea.
Morning Tea
oil on masonite

Here is how I start the day. Then I go and post my blog and then my daily commute to the studio. (15 feet away). I won't post this one for sale it is too much a of sketch or idea painting. However, I can still learn a lot from a self critique.

I think there may be a painting inside there somewhere. If I zoom and crop I think a good story could be told in paint. There isn't a strong light in this sketch and I think that would have improved it. Perhaps a stronger focal point. I was just thinking that one of the best things I get from these daily practice paintings is the chance to discover opportunities for improvement. What a gift.


Louis Boileau said...

Hey Peter, we're getting pshycic again...I've been looking at the kitchen stove the last couple of days, and thinking of setting up the french easel there. Hey!! Let's all paint our stoves!

June Parrish Cookson said...

Hi Peter,
I really, really like this painting. Has a great nostalgic look about it. There is something unique here with this particular one then the rest you have been creating. You know how much I love all your work, but I'm seeing something very unique. Perhaps because it has a modern yet nostalgic feel about it.

Tell me I'm wrong if you will. I'm not being judgmental but instead simply seeing a different outlook you may journey toward. Am I wrong in my perception?
Take care.

Vivienne said...

It may just be a sketch or an idea to you but I'm pretty sure someone will love to own it...I really like it. Are you familiar with the work of Pam Ingalls? If not do a google and take a look....she does some marvelous work in kitchens and bathrooms

Darren Maurer said...

I think you have a wnner there like it is. I'm really liking the contrast between the black and white shapes of the stove and shelf. I also think to low key lighting makes it feel like morning.

Anonymous said...

I say Post it on Ebay! I really like it as well.

r. chunn said...

A nice slice of life, Peter.

Leslie Sealey said...

Hi Peter,
This is an awesome little painting; the colors and composition are excellent, and I love the subject you chose. Bravo!

Jeffrey Hayes said...

This is a really intriguing painting, Peter, and it has a great feel to it.

Anonymous said...

I like all your work, and your writing as well. I also think this painting is ebay-worthy. You nailed the subtle lighting and colors, and the loose handling gives it a lot of life. It reminds me of Eduard (sp?) Vuillard's stuff. Thanks for sharing on your blog.