Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Daily Painting Practice - Stack of dishes

Here is my, roam around the house painting kit. I was lucky this time because I was able to set it on the kitchen table.
All blocked in and ready for a few highlights and details. I find high key or very light paintings much harder to do than the low key darker paintings.
click on picture to enlarge
Morning Dishes
oil on masonite

I have been eyeing this corner for a while now. I like the spontaneous look and the form the stack of cleaned dishes make. I also liked the spots of color from the two teacups. Just a touch of home. This may be a vanishing scene in American kitchens since most people use dishwashers now.


Lisa said...

No dishwasher here Peter, we have a daughter!!haha. Nice painting!!

J Matt Miller said...

Tough subject! Very nice.

craigstephens said...

Nice job and a great idea! I really like seeing your progress pictures too.

Charenka said...

What's all this about your daughter being the dishwasher?! You've got 3 weeks until that happens.

Gr said...

Really like this too. how about the other 3 corners?