Thursday, October 12, 2006

Daily painting practice - view from the studio

I took this photo just to give you an idea of what I am looking at. The bright sunlight and the distance between the canvas and the window doesn't make for a great photo but it gets the idea across.
This may look like a mess but I actually like the way I plotted the composition. It is a very loose bunch of dashes and spots that make up the drawing.
This photograph is rather dark. All I want to do is a few dark accents and lighten up the door on the left a little, and I may be finished with today's practice
View From My Studio
oil on masonite panel
I said I needed to stretch a little more and paint outside of the studio. OK, so I didn't officially go out of the studio to paint this but it counts anyway. The strangest part of painting this was the fact that it is such a high key or high value painting. No real deep darks. It was a great exercise.


Darren Maurer said...

I feel like I'm standing in your studio blabbing endlessly about painting. Very nice. The way the floor is done is great.

Lizzy said...

I just love it. I've been back six times to look at it. The light play on the floor is wonderful.

Lisa said...

I love way the sunlight dances across the wood floor. This is one of my favorites of yours Peter. Nice job!!

Anonymous said...

I love these intimate homey scenes you're doing Peter. Really terrifically painted.

ming said...

paintings of interiors are so inviting. although everything in the picture is inanimate, it all seems so alive.

J Matt Miller said...

Love this one, Peter. What great light!

R. Chunn said...

The painting has a warmth and luminosity that's lacking in the photo. Just goes to show how the eye of the artist beats the camera every time.

June Parrish Cookson said...

Never-ending surprises with you Peter. You're journeying on a road to fame.