Thursday, October 19, 2006

Daily Painting Practice - What's in the Pantry

This is my new method of painting around the house. I simply use an old paint box and clip the panel to a canvas that slides in the groves in the top of the box. I sit with the box on my lap. Simple and comfortable.
Even at this very rough stage, I like this painting. I think painting things that are personal to us, or things that are in our lifes always make better paintings.
This is so much fun. Just sitting in my kitchen painting my pantry. Ah, it is the simple things that make my life wonderful.
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Blue Apron
oil on masonite

My wife says by the time I am done painting everything in our house, everyone in the world will feel like they know us. That's a lot of neighbors. I just thought the pantry was such a neat idea for a painting. To me just the word pantry tells a story that says something about home and family. The blue apron hangs in it's place, ready to help when it's time to make homemade bread or better yet homemade pizza. This type of subject is perfect for daily painting practice.
I can't wait to open another door!

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Paul Hutchinson said...

I like this one a lot! Reminds me a little of Avigdor Arikhas work.