Friday, October 20, 2006

A day in the life of a Studio Painter

It's 7:30 and I walk in to a dark studio. I switch on the lights and open the shades. Teacup in hand I look down...AHHH, It's time to clean. Thanks to Carol Gillot and her mouth watering blog(Paris Breakfasts) I don't feel to bad. Check out her post with a picture of (Francis Bacon's sloppiest studio in the world award).
Welcome to my studio. This is the after clean up picture. Look at those sad empty walls. I hope to fill them up with paintings traded with daily painters. That is my north window and there is one on the west side (left).
Some art historian should do a study: How many un-touched brushes does the average artist leave behind when they die?
One of the things people don't talk about when you start doing Daily Paintings. Where do you put everything?
Space the final frontier!
How do you store your paintings?
My art manager/ studio decorator/wife gets all the credit for one of the best ideas for managing space, displaying and drying art work. She is, of course, increasing her commission again.
So, what does a studio painter do after he cleans the studio?
He gets in his truck, drives downtown and paints outside.
View from my truck
6"x8" oil on masonite

Just another day in the life. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Tracy said...

Nice to see your studio-I love to see how and where other artists work. Looking forward to Morning Tea, by the way!

Louis Boileau said...

Hi peter. Thanks for the studio shots. Nice studio. I sometimes paint in my truck also. I'm going to send you a picture of my "studio". I won't post it on my blog though...too too messy!!

BTW..nice painting.

Darren Maurer said...

I know you don't like to paint your daily paintings from photographs but you absolutely MUST do a painting from the photograph of your brushes and containers holding them. Leave it just like it is in the photograph with the gourds and all. The photograph itself is an awesome piece of work and would be a great painting. DO IT. I'll post some shots of my studio next week. I'll be out hunting dinosaur bone fossils for the next few days. Have a great weekend!!!!!

Luis Colan said...

Hi Peter, thanks for letting us into your space. I love to see how other artists work, it feels like home when I look at other studios. I've been meaning to do a post on my older studio space and how it compares to my much smaller one now. I'm still debating about it. I also love your paint box shot in your last post. Looks great.

Anonymous said...

You showed us a peek once before and I was so impressed Peter. Not fair! Way to orderly
I'm jealous...I have about 6" of open free space :(

Charenka said...

Nice studio! But you should also do a close up on all the stuff by the stereo. Then people could see the momentos that inspire you.

June Parrish Cookson said...

Hi Peter,
A great privilege to view your studio. I debated whether or not to show my new studio spaces but then recently caved in and uploaded photos to flickr. They're nice but very small rooms and I really miss my old studio. It was huge with french doors leading out onto a deck with a panoramic view of the Seattle skyline and Olympic Mountains. Arrgh!! Sad to think about some things we lose when we move to a new place. However, I'm happy to have these little rooms to continue creating.

Have a great weekend Peter!